Kepada Tuhan

Maha Pengasih lagi Penyayang; 
Maha Melihat, Mendengar, Mengetahui

Ampuni segala dosaku. Sesegera mungkin jauhkan/cukupkan aku dari pengaruh buruk dalam diri maupun luar diri (orang/orang-orang) yang membawa kemudharatan. Tunjukkan yang baik dan buruk hingga akal sehat mampu kuat memilih jalannya sendiri. Betapa nyata pelajaran pada banyak cuplik kesempatan. Oleh karenanya mohon ampun dan bimbinganMu. Bimbing aku untuk lebih ikhlas, tulus, tanpa pamrih, dan mudah memaafkan. Tempa aku menjadi orang yang bersemangat demi ayah dan ibu. Terangi aku menuju cahaya cintaMu tanpa sekat sehelaipun. 

Maha benar Engkau dengan segala firmanMu


Laugh, loyalty, effort, those objectivity I’d adore, and willingness to change. That’s why I love him, I choose him more than other choices I could make.

Now I’d prefer to believe him, forgive his fault; all of what he did to me first and how he started, pass the storms, deny any threat, ignore not only flirts coming but also desire to flirt, think and do more wisely. I wish you already do that all, too..

I will never check his phone in our dating time because I’m not a coward, I believe him in every situation after all what we had through. I kill my insecurity on him because that’s illusion. Now I’m sure that love is my only favourite paradox: simple yet complicated.

I know he loved me that much, he still had a good brain tho, so he wouldn’t be stupid enough to repeat all of his mistakes. Repetition of unnecessary mistake, yea he should know that I will always can do that to him, too. And vice versa. But that’s a concept of devil love. I don’t want to be trapped only in that stage. So, I decided to go beyond.

Anyway it’s a rare thing to really-really-really exposing him in social media (even he’s already on my page and I’m proud of him to be recognized by my circles), posting every every single pict of him/us, publishing such a romantic image to everybody, stickering love emojis wherever whenever til everybody knows we’re a couple in love, calling him baby dear everytime I talk to him, or kinda tagging locs in every places we stop by. Because that’s unnecessary. That’s a low level ever in a relationship.

An eternal love doesn’t need its publicity everytime, moreover it should be privately saved in the real and natural way, and nobody can imitate it, nobody will feel the same. Nobody can be clicked like we always do in our enigmatic longitudinal waves. That’s how we touch and feed our soul, also treat each other better as a mature whole Being, the one and only best lover –that won’t be found in another person til our last breath.


Absolutely True

Faith and intentionality are the cure of every mistaken coincidences.